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International Expansion and Global Mobility Tax Services

We are a global expansion and global mobility tax services advisory firm specialised in assisting companies and expats expanding internationally.

We provide pragmatic advice and solutions for expatriate programs life cycle management based on our network of experts many years of experience helping large and small organizations as well as employees with their international assignments and global expansion needs.

We provide advice, on a non-commercial basis, on multiple aspects of expanding overseas and moving, working and living abroad.

From choosing the most suitable type of entity set-up to do business in a new host country to assignment planning and structuring across multiple jurisdictions involving: cost of living differentials analysis, cost projection forecasts, (re)design and (re)implementation of expatriate HR, expenses and tax equalization / tax protection policies and immigration assistance.

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As true global mobily tax services specialists we may also assist with international mobility and global expansion processes such as expat payroll management, obtaining international social security exemptions or other special reliefs (such as those in the Netherlands under the thirty percent facility) and ensuring tax compliance is achieved in home and host locations for both companies and their expats whilst taking advantage of special tax provisions for minimization of total tax and social security costs.

Although our focus is on the 16 countries highlighted below, we provide support to customers in over 40 countries and specialize in formulating solutions which are carefully tailored to your organisation.

We understand international assignments, whether brief stays abroad or long-term secondments, can be difficult to navigate hence we are here to take care of the back office aspects of your international expansion. This means your organisation is free to focus on what it does best – satisfying your customers and taking your business to the next level.

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