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GMTS is a solutions provider helping companies and individuals around the globe with their global expansion and global mobility needs.

We currently provide, on a non-commercial basis, advisory services in relation to:

· Assignment structuring across multiple jurisdictions involving expatriate tax / policy documentation (T&E policies, Assignment Letters), cost of living differentials analysis, cost projection forecasts, (re)design and (re)implementation of global expansion policies, entity set-up and immigration advice.

· Tax planning & analysis: assisting clients with their international mobility / global expansion processes and opportunities for greater efficiencies / special tax provisions (such as 30% ruling in the Netherlands, Beckham ruling in Spain) and reliefs (such as Detached Duty Relief in the UK) for minimization of total tax costs.

Global Mobility Tax Services solutions
International Expansion Vendor

· Working closely, at relevant stages in the assignment life cycle / company secondment program, with third party vendors, such as relocation providers, external tax consultants and payroll companies chosen by our clients in home and host locations to ensure timely, quality services are provided within agreed service levels.

Oversee on behalf of our clients the relationship with the HR, Corporate Tax, Corporate Governance and Legal functions to ensure mobility issues are dealt with in a collaborative and efficient way.

· Tax compliance (i.e. Short Term Business Visitors (STBV), Shadow Payroll / Modified PAYE Scheme, PSA, P11D, Tax Returns / Payments) and social security treaty analysis including advice and implementation of social security savings opportunities.

· Payroll consulting: analysis of payroll requirements in both home and host country and advice on processing of expense reimbursements and special wage tax provisions.

· Assistance with selecting the most suitable entity type (i.e. rep. office, branch, subsidiary) to set-up in the host location with a 360 degrees wide angle perspective on related issues such as Immigration (VISA / work permit sponsoring),

· Corporate Tax (applicable taxes of each entity type, Permanent Establishment risks), Employment Law, Posted Worker Rules to mention but a few.

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